Bryony Edwards – North East Ward

In brief

I am a long term Darebin resident. Outside of work and family, I spend much of my spare time campaigning to restore a safe climate. 

Given the threat to our own and our kids’ futures, shouldn’t we be acting like the house is on fire? Councils have many ways to reduce and drawdown greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience in our community, while also saving money. 

The world is at a crucial point. Greenhouse gas concentrations are still rising but COVID has just shown the world can go into emergency mode. Let’s swap lockdown, high unemployment and businesses going under for lots of jobs to build our economy and create a clean and safe future. Every level of government needs to act, including Darebin.

If we get started now and bring others with us, we might just have a future for ourselves and our kids.

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Ballot paper policy statement (300 words)

I want to protect the community and green spaces that we love so much for future generations. The north east of Darebin is the municipality’s climate change frontier. Over summer we saw bushfires on our doorstep. Rising temperatures and poor tree canopy in parts of North East Reservoir means we are increasingly vulnerable to heatwaves and fires.

I am a long term Darebin resident and mother of a primary school-aged son, and work in the human services field. I have a background in research, community development and public policy, farming and food growing, and can contribute to and build on the strengths of our community.

Covid-19 has reminded us how much we value our quiet streets, clean air, friendly neighbours and our green spaces. I will focus on a cleaner, greener and safer future. This means rehydrating greenspaces through landscaping, increasing Darebin’s canopy cover, partnerships with First Nations people, local residents and other experts to reduce bushfire risk, and rapidly transitioning our community to zero emissions.

For a safer community, I will champion increased lighting and planning scheme amendments that create safer built environments, including cycling and pedestrian safety, more affordable housing and higher standards of environmental design. I support a new library service in the Bundoora area.

Vote [1] Bryony Edwards, [2] David Lee, [3] Adam Cursio.

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