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Creating a sustainable future with local jobs

These are some unprecedented times, folks. Since the last elections, we’ve seen the devastating impact of climate change and coronavirus threatening our economy and livelihoods. Council should lead the way with initiatives to tackle these issues, and while we’re overdue for Council’s emergency recovery plan, we need to fix a broken system. How? Getting behind our local businesses as a priority, establishing food security, reinvigorating our parks, libraries, and investing in our arts sector, childcare and disability services.

We can rebuild our economy through sustainable industry investments, our manufacturing precinct can build renewable energy sources, creating jobs and lowering household bills. The leadership needed to successfully emerge out of a pandemic needs to be strategic, holistic, and caretaking of our most vulnerable, with a focus on keeping communities connected to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

With decades of experience within leadership roles and adopting sustainable practices successfully in our community, I have the knowledge and gumption to put our council to work, repairing our economy by changing the way we do business and care for our environment. Geelong is very unique, in its climate, tourism, industries and its resilient people and with my expertise in technology and experience with massive transformation projects, I will make good choices for the community of Geelong by establishing a true people’s democracy, using technology to keep Council accountable and transparent, so our voices are heard. In my vision for a post-COVID recovery, Geelong will be a front-runner in bringing jobs and environmental benefits to the region, using innovative technology to develop sustainable energy solutions, waste management and education.

I’m trying to be the change I want to see in the world and I hope you can join me in making a difference. Together, let’s strive for a better, more inclusive future for Geelong.
~ Dr Belinda Moloney



Dr Belinda Moloney is an educator, IT professional and experienced leader, living in Belmont, Victoria. As an experienced leader, researcher and expert in information systems, career education and employment, she is committed to fostering sustainable economic growth in order to support job creation, while protecting Geelong’s iconic natural environment and connecting its diverse community.

Belinda currently serves on the Board of the Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network (GRLLEN), is a member of Geelong Sustainability Group and Transition Streets Geelong and supports council declaring a climate emergency. She hopes to use her policy and compliance experience to help shape the Geelong council’s Sustainability Framework and encourages residents to do the same at COGG YourSay.

She is passionate about encouraging women to take up STEM careers, and in her spare time, she is an avid gardener, amateur musician and rubbish poet. She has competed as a powerlifter at a national level in two federations, and would probably help you move house in a nanosecond at this point since isolation has temporarily closed her second home – Strong Geelong gym.


Belinda in the media

The Sustainable Hour: “We find out what motivated successful ‘Put Climate First’ candidate Belinda Moloney to stand in the recent City of Greater Geelong elections, and what her plans are now that she is Councillor Moloney, one of three representatives for Kardinia Ward. We hear of her gratitude to the people who voted for her, the responsibility she feels for their faith in her, who she intends to stay connected with them, as well as what she hopes to be able to achieve while on council.”

Belinda Moloney was presented together with 11 other Kardinia candidates in Geelong Indy on 25 September 2020
“Ahead of next month’s council election, the Independent asked Kardinia ward candidates why residents should vote for them.”

Belinda Moloney in The Sustainable Hour


Interview with Belinda Moloney – 18 min.

The Sustainable Hour podcast on 94.7 The Pulse on 16 September 2020

“Local government needs to do something to build onto the growing momentum around sustainable practices.”
~ Belinda Moloney, ‘Put Climate First’ candidate for the Kardinia Ward in the City of Greater Geelong council election

Listen to the full hour: ‘Making the tree change: standing with Earth’

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