Welcome to a sixth member of our alliance

Six candidates under the ‘Put climate first’ ticket

We are delighted that Bryony Edwards who is running for North East Ward in Darebin Council in Melbourne is joining us.

Bryony has been a huge inspiration for people who work in reversing the climate crisis to step up to run for local government. She and her partner Adrian Whitehead have been active in this space for a number of years, setting up CACE – Community and Council Action in the Climate Emergency, participating in Darebin City Council’s community reference group and establishing the political party called Save The Planet in which they have attracted other candidates and have themselves run for election under.

Bryony Edwards

Thanks to a campaign by a small number of people including Bryony and Adrian, Darebin City Council was the first local government globally to declare a climate emergency and to create a city wide strategic plan in response. There are now 1,780 councils who have followed Darebin’s leadership to declare a climate emergency.

In March 2020, Bryony gave an inspiring talk about why people who want real action on the climate should run for local government at the Sustainable Living Festival in Geelong put on by Transition Streets Geelong. She gave even more detail on this inspiring call to action in an episode of The Sustainable Hour which is available as a podcast.

Bryony has had a major influence on the establishment of our campaign as people realise that climate action in our region depends on having councillors who are prepared to deal with the reality of what we are facing. We feel very grateful for her influence and that she is now joining us with her many years of experience and a track record of successfully influencing her community, her Council and many others around the world.

→ Read about Bryony Edwards’ council policy

→ In detail, What Bryony Edwards will work for if elected

Why “zero-2050” advocacy is a total cop-out

By David Spratt

When climate risks are so high,  short term actions matter most

Scientists say that the evidence from tipping points alone suggests that “we are in a state of planetary emergency: both the risk and urgency of the situation are acute… If damaging tipping cascades can occur and a global tipping point cannot be ruled out, then this is an existential threat to civilization”. 

And they warn that we might already have lost control of whether tipping happens. That risk requires our immediate and undivided attention, because everything is at stake.

The short term matters most. Kicking the can down the road to 2050 is the wrong focus.

→ Read the article:

Monique Connell in The Sustainable Hour

Excerpt of the interview with Monique Connell in The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse on 22 September 2020

“When water becomes the same price as gold, the wealthy will always be able to afford it. But those people who are on the margins, less wealthy, who are working pay to pay and struggling to put food on the table, those are the people who are first affected by climate change. The people in my ward are such an important group of people, and I really want them to understand that I will represent them in Council. I will be a voice for them – to support everybody to get on board and make a change for the environment.”
Monique Connell, ‘Put Climate First’ candidate for the Windermere Ward at the Geelong Council elections

We’re in the Geelong Addy! Hooray for everything!

Hi legends and welcome to the Put Climate First page!

You’re probably wondering who we are and what we’re about, so let us not beat around the bush. We are four women who have decided to run as candidates in the upcoming Geelong Council elections in 2020.

Why? Honestly, we’re not the type of folks to do this kind of thing, but each of us reached a tipping point somewhere between May 2019 and January 2020 when thousands of people (including us) marched the Geelong streets to try and raise our concerns regarding a lack of action on climate change.

Unfortunately, it took two massive protests, devastating bushfires and 200 people in the gallery during council meetings for the council to declare a climate emergency, despite our position being backed by an incredible amount of scientific evidence.

Somewhere around this time, each of us felt somewhat disappointed in the council’s leadership, and that’s not the first time our council had made us feel like our leaders had not been an ideal reflection of who we are as a vibrant community of amazing people.

Each of us were already trying to tackle the local issues of our community by walking our talk, yet we felt that this wasn’t enough to create real changes to a system that was failing our most vulnerable.

So… here we are, running for council to make a change and fix that we feel is broken.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. If everyone takes that approach, we can do anything.”
~ Zali Steggall, independent member of the Australian Parliament

Climate change isn’t the only concern we have for Geelong’s future, and we each have expertise in our own different areas, but all of us align on our need for a future that brings sustainable growth, jobs, tourism and technology to our pretty city, for our families, friends and for the environment.

Please join us in our campaign to make a difference.

Please visit our candidate profile pages for more information on our individual platforms and check out our Facebook pages for campaign updates hot off the press.

Thanks for reading.

Authorised by B Moloney, PO Box 38, Belmont.

Clippings from the climate newsstream

Advice from the United Nations chief:
“Take climate risks into account in all financial and policy decisions.”

Professor Will Steffen

“Australia does not need any new polluting fossil fuels. Coal and gas are expensive, polluting and a poor public investment. Only a renewables-led future makes economic sense. Propping up failing fossil fuels is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”  
~ Greg Bourne, Climate Councillor and former ARENA Chair. ARENA is a federal government body facilitating innovation and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies 

Monica’s in the Geelong Indy

Monica Winston – Bellarine Ward candidate, Photo credit Louisa Jones, Geelong Independent.

Transition Streets coordinator and Bellarine Ward candidate Monica Winston is in the 4 September edition of the Geelong Independent newspaper, discussing her work educating people on sustainable practices, building edible gardens, and her legendary one-eyed ginger cat Pumpkin.

Well done Mon!

Check out the story here: https://geelongindy.com.au/news/04-09-2020/my-geelong-19/

“Helping neighbours to transform their homes and reduce their ecological footprint together”

Put climate first

Monica Winston – candidate for Bellarine Ward – was interviewed by Mitchell’s Front Page on 94.7 The Pulse on 1 September 2020

The climate crisis is not an “issue” – it is an emergency. Climate emergency is the term thousands of scientists say most accurately describes the situation facing humanity.

Neither local, state, federal governments nor the media treat it like one. We say like Greta Thunberg: This needs to change. And the change starts with us.

Introducing #PutClimateFirst at Geelong Sustainability zoom meeting

Monica Winston: "We are all running on a climate action platform. You can see the details there. We've got a Facebook page called 'Put climate first', and a logo, and we'll all have individual pages. Basically, we are running on four points: 1) Zero emissions by 2030. 2) Localise. That is goods and services, where we are reducing demand and increasing resilience, and strengthening community. 3) Regenerate eco-systems and social system. 4) Citizens democracy. A bit like Extinction Rebellion have that idea that citizens' groups keep things accountable, but also that the population is known to be quite radical [when it comes to making common sense decisions on addresing the climate emergency]."Belinda Moloney: "I'm really passionate about reducing my emissions. I've got solar panels, a big veggie garden, and I've been talking the talk for a few years now, but I feel that it is about time that government do something the awful things we've been hearing about, the pollution especially. We are pushing for change within a Council that has been full of people that aren't really on our side. So we'd like to see you get behind us in this action where we are trying to localise our initiatives as well."Monique Connell: "I think that climate activism is as much about supporting business, industry and social activism as it is about campaigning or saving the rain forest. I think if you have a really strong social activism as the key to your climate activism, it enables and educates and supports people to make the right choices and to put the climate first, rather than having to choose."This video is an excerpt of a Geelong Sustainability meeting which was held in Zoom on 26 August 2020.Read more on www.putclimatefirst.org/geelong#GeelongVotes #PutClimateFirst #ZeroEmissions2030 #Localise #Regenerate #CitizensDemocracy#ClimateEmergency #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration #FacetheClimateEmergency #VoicesForGreta#LocalElections #CitizensAssemblies #Geelong #GeelongCouncilGeelong Sustainability – The Sustainable Hour – Transition Streets Geelong – Transition Streets Geelong – Belmont Transition Group – Transition Streets Surf Coast – Transition South Barwon – Transition Norlane – Transition East Geelong – Break Free Geelong – Extinction Rebellion Geelong – CACE Campaigners Geelong and Surrounds -Gas Free Geelong – Geelong Sustainability Group – Geelong & Areas Breaking News – Geelong Indy – Geelong Advertiser

Posted by Put climate first on Sunday, August 30, 2020

In business and finance, people are moving millions of dollars away from fossil fuels and investing in clean energy. People are moving food growing to the cities where they can save energy, water and transport, and they are planting millions of trees and shrubs to cool the climate and bring back wildlife. More sustainable forms of transport and ways of working are saving us money and improving the quality of our lives.

With Covid-19, we have shown we can act fast to keep people alive and well, and we can do the same when we put climate first in all our decisions.

We will show our kids that their future matters to us, and we will create thousands of new jobs in new businesses for all.

Geelong Council is the biggest regional council in Victoria. Every decision we make will either increase global warming or reverse it. We have enormous power when we put climate first in every decision i.e. roads, rubbish, rates, the arts, heritage and culture, economic development, education and training, environment, health and wellbeing, planning and services, sport and recreation, and transport.

Close to 100 Australian councils have started their plans to reverse global warming. We want Geelong to join them. We can be leaders in measuring and accountability, showing the world how fast we can reach our goals when we put climate first – in every decision.

#PutClimateFirst #ZeroCarbon2030 #VoicesForGreta
#GeelongVotes #ClimateEmergency