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Geelong Times – 8 October 2020: portrays the candidates from Windermere, Brownbill and Kardinia Wards

Check out our amazing PCF candidate Monique Connell speaking about the real issues in Windermere Ward. She enters first time at 4:45 min.
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Ahead of October’s council election, the Independent asked Brownbill ward candidates why resisdents should vote for them
Sandi Dwyer was presented together with 11 other Brownbill candidates in Geelong Indy on 1 October 2020
Belinda Moloney, Elise Wilkinson, Sandi Dwyer and Monica Winston were guests in The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse on 30 September 2020.

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“Ahead of next month’s council election, the Independent asked Kardinia ward candidates why residents should vote for them.”
Belinda Moloney was presented together with 11 other Kardinia candidates in Geelong Indy on 25 September 2020

Monique Connell in The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse on 22 September 2020

“When water becomes the same price as gold, the wealthy will always be able to afford it. But those people who are on the margins, less wealthy, who are working pay to pay and struggling to put food on the table, those are the people who are first affected by climate change. The people in my ward are such an important group of people, and I really want them to understand that I will represent them in Council. I will be a voice for them – to support everybody to get on board and make a change for the environment.”
Monique Connell, ‘Put Climate First’ candidate for the Windermere Ward at the Geelong Council elections

Excerpt of the interview as it was recorded in Zoom

The Sustainable Hour podcast on 94.7 The Pulse on 16 September 2020

Belinda Moloney in The Sustainable Hour

“Local government needs to do something to build onto the growing momentum around sustainable practices.”
~ Belinda Moloney, ‘Put Climate First’ candidate for the Kardinia Ward in the City of Greater Geelong council election

Interview with Belinda Moloney – 18 min.

Listen to the full hour: ‘Making the tree change: standing with Earth’

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Geelong Advertiser on 7 September 2020 – page 8

Climate fuels council hopes

Geelong Advertiser on 7 September 2020 – Page 8
By Harrion Tippet

“An alliance of Greta Thunberg-inspired climate activists has launched a campaign to win positions on the City of Greater Geelong council and get Geelong “off the fossil fuels” .

The four women will run at the October 24 local government election under the banner of Put Climate First.

Belinda Moloney will run in Kardinia Ward, Sandi Dwyer in Brownbill, Monique Connell in Windermere and Monica Winston in Bellarine.

The group signalled it was standing to ensure every decision made by the city would first ask how it would impact the climate, to have reduced emissions enough to have “decarbonised the entire Geelong municipality” by 2030, to localise services and with a view to establish a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate.

“Council owes the people of Geelong a sustainable future for its next generation,” Dr Moloney said. “Geelong needs less promises and more action, investments in technology, funded business precinct development and renewable energy. We need efficient public transport and accessibility for the differently abled, and community initiatives to connect and care for our ageing population.”

Ms Connell said recycling and community gardens would be a focus of her campaign.

“I want Geelong to have community gardens where anyone can grow and take home fresh fruit and vegetables and this will not just foster community, but create jobs,” she said.

Ms Winston said: “Since the last election we’ve seen the devastating impacts of climate change and coronavirus that threaten our future opportunities and local economy.

“It is the council’s role to lead the way with real initiatives to address these issues.”

Ms Dwyer stressed the urgency of supplying “affordable locally grown organic and biodynamic foods” .

“Rebuilding our soils to repair our landscapes and provide food rich with nutrients is a huge opportunity to create jobs that improve climate, waterways and our own health and that of our city and farming communities,” she said.

The council election will be held via postal ballots.”

Published in Geelong Advertiser and The Daily Telegraph on 7 September 2020.

Transition Streets coordinator and Bellarine Ward candidate Monica Winston in the 4 September edition of the Geelong Independent newspaper, discussing her work educating people on sustainable practices, building edible gardens, and her legendary one-eyed ginger cat Pumpkin.
RADIO: Monica Winston – candidate for Bellarine Ward – was interviewed by Mitchell’s Front Page on 94.7 The Pulse on 1 September 2020

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