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Balance so everyone wins
We can hold the well promoted self interest of big business, the unavoidable evidence of climate change, the palpable fears and desires of our community, and access the profound capacity for creative solutions. We can restore and regenerate natural systems rapidly. Rebuilding our soils with innovative farming practices to repair our landscapes and provide food rich with nutrients is a huge opportunity to create jobs that improve climate, waterways and our own health and that of our city and farming communities. Supplying affordable locally grown organic and biodynamic foods is urgent now. Every solution we need already exists. We just need to commit planning and funding to them.
~ Sandi Dwyer

Committing to values of democracy and transparency

I pledge and promise to always act with integrity to the best of my ability and to have the highest outcome for all concerned as an overriding objective. That climate gets put first in every decision is my first consideration and may at times seemingly compromise jobs that people have become comfortable in, though I am confident that new opportunities will arise for all.

Our way forward out of Covid and into a carbon neutral world provides a rare opportunity for dynamic and far reaching change. I hope we can all hold “the greater good of all concerned” as our primary consideration. Certainly it feels that in the past, big business have had too much control and influence. They too are afraid. Equality and integrity sit close to my heart and I am a working class woman. 


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