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Make our Council accountable and transparent to all communities in Geelong

Australia has the one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world; and Geelong Council is the biggest regional council in Victoria. This means every decision we make – here – will either increase global warming or reduce it. We have enormous responsibility … and power, when we put climate first.

Our Council needs change. We acted immediately with COVID, and we must do the same with climate. It is an emergency. We also need to support each other and work together. We need our Council to adapt, invest and lead.

We can reach our goals to reverse global warming – in Geelong and everywhere – when enough of us make the shift to put climate first in every decision: roads, rubbish and rates; the arts, heritage and culture; economic development; education and training; health and wellbeing; environmental planning and services; sport and recreation; and transport.

In responding to an emergency, the wellbeing of all citizens and the whole environment is essential. I will hold Council to account to put climate first. This means saying NO to behaviours, projects, industries and business as usual that make things worse – and YES to smart urban and rural design, for buildings, businesses and communities, focused on water, energy, food, transport, waste and consumption, that creates jobs, regenerates nature and enriches lives. 

We can all participate in building solutions. We can be the first Council that truly mobilises, speeding up our climate response on a regional scale, to create an organisation that inspires others to follow. I want to get involved at a local level to make our Council accountable and transparent to all communities in Geelong, now and in the future. Working together we can build a safe, prosperous future for all.

~ Elise Wilkinson


Elise Wilkinson lives in Barwon Heads with her partner and two teenage children. She is passionate about giving particularly teenagers a voice on climate action and in creating a safe world for the next generation. She is a social worker, and actor in local theatre.

The beautiful natural environment and vibrant local community brought Elise here 19 years ago. Elise has a broad network in the Geelong region through her career and volunteering. She is committed to social justice: inclusion, diversity, equity and safety; and its connections to regenerating our landscapes, infrastructure and social systems: emission reduction, localised food, energy and transport.

Climate action, business and community development must work together to achieve a sustainable, fair and prosperous future for all Geelong communities.

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