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If you are supportive of Sandi’s response to Eddy’s creative rewrite of our slogan, ‘Put climate first in every decision’, on the flyer he has letterboxed in the Brownbill Ward, then one thing you can do right away is: share it on Facebook
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Geelong election debate forums

11 Kardinia candidates joined Mittchell’s Front Page for a special candidates forum via Zoom. More here

“I really want to see a better future for Geelong and frankly, I am here to bring it.”
~ Belinda Moloney, Kardinia candidate, in the forum’s closing statement at 1:03:21

All twelve Brownbill Ward candidates joined the program for a special candidates forum via Zoom. More here
All five Windermere Ward candidates joined the program for a special candidates forum via Zoom. More here
Eight Bellarine Ward candidates joined the program via Zoom.

Surf Coast Shire

Shortcut to Monica Winston’s closing statement

Clippings from the climate newsstream

Why “zero-2050” advocacy is a total cop-out

By David Spratt

When climate risks are so high,  short term actions matter most

Scientists say that the evidence from tipping points alone suggests that “we are in a state of planetary emergency: both the risk and urgency of the situation are acute… If damaging tipping cascades can occur and a global tipping point cannot be ruled out, then this is an existential threat to civilization”. 

And they warn that we might already have lost control of whether tipping happens. That risk requires our immediate and undivided attention, because everything is at stake.

The short term matters most. Kicking the can down the road to 2050 is the wrong focus.

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Clippings from the climate newsstream

Advice from the United Nations chief:
“Take climate risks into account in all financial and policy decisions.”

Professor Will Steffen

“Australia does not need any new polluting fossil fuels. Coal and gas are expensive, polluting and a poor public investment. Only a renewables-led future makes economic sense. Propping up failing fossil fuels is a waste of taxpayers’ money.”  
~ Greg Bourne, Climate Councillor and former ARENA Chair. ARENA is a federal government body facilitating innovation and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies 

Put climate first

Monica Winston – candidate for Bellarine Ward – was interviewed by Mitchell’s Front Page on 94.7 The Pulse on 1 September 2020

The climate crisis is not an “issue” – it is an emergency. Climate emergency is the term thousands of scientists say most accurately describes the situation facing humanity.

Neither local, state, federal governments nor the media treat it like one. We say like Greta Thunberg: This needs to change. And the change starts with us.

In business and finance, people are moving millions of dollars away from fossil fuels and investing in clean energy. People are moving food growing to the cities where they can save energy, water and transport, and they are planting millions of trees and shrubs to cool the climate and bring back wildlife. More sustainable forms of transport and ways of working are saving us money and improving the quality of our lives.

With Covid-19, we have shown we can act fast to keep people alive and well, and we can do the same when we put climate first in all our decisions.

We will show our kids that their future matters to us, and we will create thousands of new jobs in new businesses for all.

Geelong Council is the biggest regional council in Victoria. Every decision we make will either increase global warming or reverse it. We have enormous power when we put climate first in every decision i.e. roads, rubbish, rates, the arts, heritage and culture, economic development, education and training, environment, health and wellbeing, planning and services, sport and recreation, and transport.

Close to 100 Australian councils have started their plans to reverse global warming. We want Geelong to join them. We can be leaders in measuring and accountability, showing the world how fast we can reach our goals when we put climate first – in every decision.

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