Welcome to a seventh member of our alliance

Today we are joined by another inspirational woman, Susan Langridge, who is running as a candidate in the Colac Otway Shire – a municipality who voted this year not to declare a climate emergency when around 1,800 local governments around the world have, (Finland’s capital Helsinki joined the league on Friday) and not to introduce a zero emissions by 2030 goal.

Susan is extraordinary because as someone who’s devoted decades of her life to helping people be happy and well as a nurse and midwife in our health system, she sees the obvious connection between personal and family well-being and the balance and well-being of the systems we rely on for our very survival: the climate and the ecological systems that support life as we know it.

Like the rest of our alliance members, Susan is extraordinary in that she has the courage to step outside the field she has worked in for years into an unknown and public space in the service of something higher than her own personal comfort.

The reason?  To help introduce urgent strategies that increase our security and quality of life and reverse global warming locally in a way that is repeatable by other local governments.      

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